Thanks for reading this zine! I hope it helped you get started!

At the moment, your website is only viewable on your computer, but the contents are no different from an officially online web page.

In future zines we’ll show how to style the page, and to actually put it on the web, but the structure you’ve made today won’t change much.

And, as you carry on your webpage journey, you’ll find you can create complex, personal worlds with just a few tags like these.

The main thing I wanted to express to you, though, is that you can make a website. It doesn’t need to be a difficult, monumental, professional-looking task. It is an extension of your words, your images, your ideas, however they find themselves on the page.

HTML is a language you now speak, an extension to your expression.

Express yourself fully!

Further Resources

Throughout this zine, I’ve linked to It is a phenomenal reference for everything related to HTML, CSS, and Javascript. They also have a good introduction to HTML.

Tech Learning Collective is an incredible group teaching tech autonomy and empowerment for radical organizers. They’re a great resource for learning how to do more with your computer, in a way that actually matters. Their Foundations Course to be a nice, free introduction.

This zine sprang from Solarpunk Magic Computer Club, a regular online gathering that mixes workshops with hangouts. If you like this zine, and want to hang with myself and like-minded folks, you’ll probably like it! You can find out more at

The title of the zine was made by Angelica Blevins, who is incredible and you can find her own personal page at

Lastly, if you wanna ask me any questions or share your site or what have you, I can be reached at

Thanks for reading and writing!

- Zach

Wellington, Aotearoa

Summer 2021