First Page

The preamble is done, let’s make a webpage.

In your editor, write down something cool...something like:


Save the file, switch to your browser, and click refresh.

It will display:

browser displaying the word skateboards in unstyled, tiny text

A webpage!

It is modest–maybe a tad underwhelming–but it is a start.

An important point is that this is technically not a valid webpage. It is, by no standard, correct.

Yet, the browser still displays it. You can even view it online.

The browser and the web are forgiving. They assume you know best, even when you have no idea what you’re doing.

There is no magic in this; the browser simply renders files the best it can.

In a way, it is a robust file explorer specializing in html files.

(this is still magic, but graspable magic).

To make a website is to communicate ideas in text, so the browser can display them as intended to as many people as possible.

Don’t worry if you make mistakes or if your site is “broken”. You are learning, you are strengthening your bond with the web browser, who can already understand you.

There is no gate, or test, or minimal set of skills. There is only your expression, an expression that will grow increasingly eloquent.