Solarpunk Magic Computer Club!

Transistor Radio

Each club starts with this song. It is Double Fidelity, by Jeremy Harris. You can buy it on the artist's bandcamp

Next Week: Pomodoro Party!

This week SMCC is a lightly structured, helpful work hang!

The idea: bring some project or idea you want to work on. Good music will play as we all work on our projects. Every 25 minutes we'll shout "BREAK!", chat, draw, watch a bird video for 5 minutes and then get back into it.

Some of us will also be voluntary helpers, minding the chat for q's and helping where we can.

After 3 of these, we'll have a share circle, where you can show the rest of the club what you made during this time. V. simple, v. good.

If you been wanting a warm, low-stakes place to learn some computer stuff, or just focus on your thing, then this SMCC is for YOU!

Sunday, 23 May 2021

12:00 to 14:00


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